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ELTIZ ремонт импортных трансформаторов


ELTIZ repairs and modernizes imported transformers (autotransformers) of the following production range: dry single-phase and three-phase with natural or forced air cooling with a capacity of 10–3500 kVA; voltage 0.4 – 15 kV. Features of operations and guarantees:

– Complete replacement of windings for windings with Polymer insulation. Replaced windings remain with the customer.
– The warranty for replaced windings is 36 months from the date of delivery of the transformer to the customer.
– Repair (full replacement, installation) casing.
– Repair (complete replacement, installation) forced air cooling system.
– Replacement busbar sections.
– Replacing insulators.
– Replacing fasteners.
– Restoration of a paint and varnish covering.

Tests in the scope of the acceptance testing program by a certified testing laboratory with the provision of protocols to the customer. At the request of the customer – the presence of his representatives on the tests.

The application for repair or upgrading must include:

– A completed questionnaire and / or an original transformer passport, photocopy of the nameplate.
– For transformers not common industrial use – technological requirements and features of operation (atypical modes, overload, special operating conditions).

After receipt of the application, the ELTIZ specialists will be sent to the storage location of the repair transformer for examination, drawing up a defective statement, determining the cost and terms of repair or modernization. Shipment of the transformer to the customer – after full payment of the contract.

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