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A reactor is an electrical device designed to limit the magnitude of short-circuit currents in the electrical network, compensate for reactive power in power lines, filter out the higher harmonics of electrical current, and also reduce ripple in DC circuits.

The design of the reactor includes an electrical inductor, a support structure for the installation and power conductors for connecting the reactor to the electrical network. Depending on the purpose and class of voltage, the design of the reactor may include a core of electrical steel, support insulators for attachment to the foundation and the roof.

Reactors are indispensable equipment to improve reliability and achieve the desired result when operating electrical equipment.

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A transformer is a static electromagnetic device that converts an electric current and a voltage of one magnitude into an electric current and voltage of another magnitude. There are transformers of various purposes and designs: power – to work at power line substations, converting – to work in a circuit with current rectifiers, furnace – to power induction and other furnaces used in metallurgy, and other special-purpose transformers.

A transformer includes at least two windings (primary and secondary voltage) installed on a magnetic system made of electrical steel, buses connecting the transformer to a voltage source and load, as well as a steel structure that ensures reliable fixation of all components and fastening to the foundation. Depending on the climatic design, the design may include a casing of different degrees of protection.

Current trends in transformer engineering have approved dry type transformers in the leading position due to the profitability of operation, environmental friendliness and unpretentious maintenance.

Is your dry transformer out of service?

And the repair from the manufacturer is expensive or unavailable?

Or would it be nice if your transformer had some other parameters?

Contact ELTIZ. We will do everything in our power.

We have the knowledge, experience and skills, you have the savings and new life of your transformer.

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