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Shunt Reactors

The shunt reactor is designed to operate in power systems for voltages up to 330 kV to compensate for reactive power.

An air core shunt reactor is connected directly to the power line (phase to ground, phase to neutral, phase to phase) or to the tertiary winding of a transformer in order to remove the undesirable effect of the capacitive component of energy. The design of the reactor may include switching without excitation in order to improve the regulation of the reactive power consumed depending on the seasonal and daily fluctuations of the load.

The use of shunt reactors increases the efficiency of the power system. The greatest need for this type of equipment arises on long lines of high and ultra-high voltages.



Dimensional drawing

Number of phases
1; 3
Phase arrangement
Сlimate category
Placement category
1; 2; 3; 4
Compliance with standards
IEC 60076-6; GOST 14794-79

At the request of the customer can be made products with other characteristics.

Name Phase rated power Rated linear voltage, kV Overall dimensions, mm, not more than Weight, kg
RSHTS-20000/10 20000 10 2500 2300 2450 2000

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