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Harmonic filter reactor

A harmonic filter reactor is used to reduce or block higher harmonics and pulsating signals in an AC network, both coming from the network and leaving to the consumer, as part of reactive power compensation devices. Reactors are manufactured for voltage classes up to 110 kV. Produced by single phase, 3 single phase units form a three phase group.

The design of the reactor may have taps for regulating the inductance. Air-core filter reactors are resistant to short-circuit currents that exceed the rated value.

Protection against high harmonic currents and pulsating signals prevents an increase in losses, a rise in temperature and, accordingly, premature aging of equipment insulation, such as: transformers, fuses and relays, capacitor batteries, switches.



Dimensional drawing

Number of phases
Phase arrangement
Сlimate category
Placement category
1; 2; 3; 4
Compliance with standards
IEC 60076-6; GOST 14794-79

At the request of the customer can be made products with other characteristics.

Name Effective current, A Nominal inductance, mH Overall dimensions, mm, not more than Weight, kg, not more
RFST-6-80-1,55 80 1,55 770 710 2285 85
RFST-35-52,43-14,56 52,43 14,56 1065 965 1300 120

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