Beware of falsification of our products

Dear consumers, customers and partners!

We draw your attention to the fact that a growing number of counterfeiting of our products began to appear on the market. Identified cases show that unscrupulous suppliers use the trademark of privacy company "ELTIZ" and falsify documents to misinform the customer that this product has been produced by our company.

Before purchasing we recommend you to explore the range and features of the goods offered by privacy company "ELTIZ". If you are not sure about the delivery, please contact us via feedback or by phone: (+38-061) 223-78-55, (+38-061) 223-77-04, (+38-061) 270-51-74.

We cannot be held responsible for the dry-type power transformers and electrical reactors made by another manufacturer. Such products may not meet our technical specifications and are not covered by warranty of privacy company "ELTIZ".

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