The transformers are among 100 best products of Ukraine

     P “ELTIZ” became the winner of the All-Ukrainian Quality Competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine 2015” in the nomination "Goods for industrial and technical purpose."

     Dry-type high-voltage transformers with capacity of 160 kVA were submitted for nomination.

    Transformers produced by PC “ELTIZ” have coil windings with many parallels and type of insulation such as "Polymer". Construction  windings are protected by patents. The electric potential of the winding is distributed in the axial direction, which eliminates interlayer insulation breakdown. Losses from circulating currents are minimized due to the transposition. Copper or aluminum wires with a combination of polyamide-fiberglass insulation with insulation class H (180° C) are used for its manufacturing. Insulating parts are made from fiberglass materials with insulation class F (155° C). Reliability of wire connections to each other and with branches is provided by argon arc welding. The windings are impregnated with organosilicon varnish and baked (160° C). The cycle of impregnation and baking is performed three times. Organosilicon paint is used for coloring. As a result, the transformers are resistant to internal (electromagnetic and mechanical) and external (including seismic and temperature) influences.