New developments in the reactor manufacturing

The dry-type air-core current limiting reactor -330-1600-2,5 1 (330 kV voltage class) was delivered to the Consumer on December 18, 2016. The reactor has taken its worthy place among the current limiting reactors produced by PC "ELTIZ".

Such reactors limit the emergency current in case of short circuits. PC "ELTIZ" produces both single-phase and three-phase types. The reactor designs are protected by patents. The windings of the reactors are made of rectangular aluminium wire with combined polyimide-glass-fibre insulation. The monolithicity of the reactor coils is ensured by tightening special high-strength bandages and impregnating with silicone varnish followed by heat treatment. The reactor has a high electric strength, resistance to electrodynamic forces and thermal loads and low electrical losses. Service life is at least 25 years without maintenance.

Reliability of such reactors is a priority objective. Its solution is evidenced by the long-term accident-free operation of current limiting reactors produced by PC "ELTIZ".